Advertising Your Website

Target Audience (this is where it gets cool)

    • Location (city, postal code, or even address)
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Demographics (relationship, education level, parents, ethnicity, etc.)
    • Languages
    • Interests
    • Behaviours (mobile device type, gamers, technology early adopters, etc.)
    • Too many more things to list

The possibilities are almost endless. For our campaign, we wanted to target Calgarians under 32 years of age who use smartphones. We also set the ad to only display on mobile devices since Instagram is a mobile-only platform.

Tip: Audience is based on your subject matter and objective. Marketing will help you determine who best to target your ad to based on these criteria.

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Site Maps (Robots and Visitors) - $100

Does Google crawl your website and say there is no site map? (robots.txt or user site map). Then the SEO Tool from Godaddy is what you need.

This handy SEO Tool from Godaddy helps with your Search Engine Optomization (SEO) - Valued at $50.


SEO Package 1 - $149.95

  • Purchase SEO Tool from Godaddy for your website
  • Run the analyzer and fix the errors it says is wrong with your pages
  • Submit your site to all search engines once a month for 12 months
  • Create both site maps (robots.txt and user site map)
  • Optimize meta description and keyword meta tags for each of your pages.
  • BONUS -  Install Google Analytics and email you reports once a month (PDF) as well as provide you a login to Google Analytics to view a more detailed report on your website 24/7.

Google Adwords

Surf Web Design will run a professional ad campaign for your business with Google Adwords and monitor it every day, provide you with weekly reports from Google Adwords and link your email to the account. All this for $50 a month. This price does not include your Google Adword budget. Let us explain.

eg. You decide to start with a $100 a month Google Adwords Campaign. That's about $3.20 a day. When a user searches for a keyword with-in Google and your ad appears, you are not charged. When the user clicks your ad and visits your site you are charged. This is called PPC or Pay Per Click. That price is deducted from your $100 Google Adwords budget. The video below explains more on the pricing of the keywords and how it works.

    • CPC (Cost per click advertising with Google Adwords)
    • You set your budget
    • i.e. The keyword you are competing for is "plumber calgary". Google says this keyword is a max bid of $1.50. Your ad may appear (an impression) on the first page of Google when someone types in "plumber calgary". An impression is free to display but when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website that amount is deducted from your ad budget. The price is up to a $1.50 and is based on quality score and ranking so could be a lower price which Surf Web Design will work at getting you a better price). You set your budget per day to what ever you want. When the total runs out you will be notified to add more funds to keep your ad campaign running. Most people start at a $10 a day advertising budget but once that is used up your ads will stop running for that day. This can cost you more visitors fro that day but if you are happy with roughly 10 visitors per day then you may want to continue with a $10 a day advertising budget.

Your ad can appear on Google, You Tube and other networks Google owns. Everyone can not all be on the first page of Google but this is one way to guarantee to drive more relevant traffic and business to your website. Surf Web Design will monitor your Google Adwords campaign and keep relevant quality traffic coming to your site with relevant ads based on quality keywords relevant to your business and web pages saving you time and money in advertising costs.

A quality Google Adwords campaign is a key element to keeping your website on top of Google's search results making your business money.

Google Adwords Budget + $50 Service Fee

Optimizing your website for search engines tips

  • Change your content frequently
  • Change your meta tags frequently
  • Post a link to your site when ever possible (link building). If you know of others in your industry agree to both post each others link on each of your websites. This is definitely helpful if it is relevant to the topic. i.e. Dog walkers, dog kenels, dog grooming etc.
  • Use headings (H1 tags) with relevent keywords for that page on every page of your website and have at least 160 characters of content to read on that page.

More Free SEO Tips Here. Enjoy!

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